Our story

My light bulb moment

I needed to slow down

I proudly held in my hand a list of goals I wrote down as an early photographer. After nearly a decade working in the wedding industry, I was finally there. I had done every thing I had set out to do...

I was making a great income, traveling, shooting at high-end venues and working with vendors I had long admired. My work was published in magazines and I even had the opportunity to photograph professional athletes and celebrity couples.

While I love weddings, and am incredibly proud of those achievements — the mood changed, and my eyes welled with tears as I checked off the very last goal I had written on my list years before.

Something was still missing

I was completely exhausted and overwhelmed, working 80 hours a week. As a mom of three, I didn’t want to miss a moment. Yet during the intense weekends of wedding season, I would barely see my kids other than to give them a good morning hug. I wore being “busy” as a badge of honor, although it really left me feeling depleted. The mom guilt was heavy and it was even taking a toll on my health.

I knew I had to take control and make a change. The next year I cut my weddings by more than half. With my incredible kids in mind, I took a huge leap of faith in beginning the journey of Raise Me Wild — a small shop centered around my family, and living intentionally.

This time around, my goals look quite different… Simplify life + find joy and connection in every-day moments

That has become my passion and priority. And that’s what we want for you too!

To get you started on your journey to slow down, simplify, and enjoy life more — our team at Raise Me Wild designed the only pair of shoes your toddler will need.

Each of our few, carefully curated styles are...neutral, comfortable, quality, water and stain resistant, versatile (seriously, they go with every outfit)!

Getting your little one dressed in the morning just got easier, so you have more time to get outside, connect, and enjoy wherever your day takes you.

So glad you’re here.
Love, Kay (founder of Raise Me Wild)

Why Raise Me Wild?


There is freedom in simplicity. We love neutrals! Since they don’t compete, you can pair them with any color and style. Dress them up, or down. And when they grow out of them? Easily pass along to little brother or sister. They never go out of style!


Our shoes are simple, modern designs crafted with quality leather. They have a flexible, but durable no-slip rubber outsole and leather insole. They are water and stain resistant, for kids who run wild!


We are pretty serious about comfort around here. I mean, what’s a cute shoe if it’s not comfortable too?! That is exactly why we designed our shoes with a soft, velvety leather - aka toddler approved!


We pride ourselves in sustainability and transparency. Our shoes are handmade in Peru by locals (and mamas) who have mastered the craft of shoe making.

Our artisans are paid above fair trade wages and receive healthcare and a healthy working environment. They are 18 years and older; many are women in an industry that is predominantly men.

We have power through our demand. Together, we can make a difference!


All the places those little feet will take them - the moments, the adventures, the connection, the growth - the countless memories their shoes carry.

It has been the greatest joy to watch little ones around the world experience the small and simple joys of life, in their Raise Me Wild’s!

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