Simple Valentine’s Day traditions

“Who is your Valentine?”
Before I could even respond, my daughter asked “Will you be MY Valentine?”

Traditionally Valentine’s Day may have been for couples. But over the years it has become more about showing you care to any and everyone special in your life.

Like, your little bestie/s!

We’re all about any excuse to celebrate LOVE, so we brainstormed a list of easy Valentine’s traditions. Simple ways to connect with your little ones and make the day special!

  • A small bedside surprise. Whether it’s a box of chocolates, flowers, a new pair of shoes, 😉 or cut out paper hearts — waking up to a little something different is always fun.
  • Love notes. Write just one, or leave a few in the house, car, or their lunchbox to uncover throughout the day.
  • Special breakfast. Heart shaped pancakes will do the trick.
  • Make a Valentine’s Day craft together.
  • Dim the lights, break out the fancy plates and light some candles for your family dinner. The kids will love it! Or go easy and order in a heart shaped pizza.
  • Bake a treat together. Did someone say chocolate covered strawberries?
  • Movie Night. Your littles could never get enough popcorn and hours of cuddles with their favorite Valentine.

Enjoy and Happy Love Day!